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Student Welcome

Welcome to the Department of Accounting and Information Systems.

Whether you are taking courses for the first time in 2017, or are a returning student, I wish you every success your efforts deserve.

In conjunction with colleagues in the College of Business and Law and other parts of the University, the Accounting and Information Systems Department helps you and your fellow students prepare for the degrees of BCom, BCom(Hons), MCom, PhD, and learning programmes that meet the membership entry education requirements of NZICA and CPA Australia. Indirectly, it also contributes to the MBA, MBM and MEM programmes. Several of the courses offered by the Department are also available for the degrees of BA, BSc, and BE. These courses derive from staff performing cutting edge research and engaging in broader scholarship, and carrying out much curriculum design and evaluation work, not to mention teaching. They are of excellent quality by New Zealand and international standards.

The courses are clustered according to several functional areas of interest: Financial Accounting and Reporting; Auditing; Management Accounting and Control; Information Systems and Technology; Business Law; and Taxation. Although diverse, all of these areas are in some way concerned with facilitating order among the assorted activities of people in public and private companies, public and social enterprises, partnerships, NGOs, sole traders and governmental organisations, transnational, federal, national, state, local and community. At the postgraduate level, courses are not only research-informed, they are research-oriented, and often lead to students publishing original ideas.

I expect that you will find that the staff of the Department, administrative, technical and academic, are prepared and equipped to give you any assistance and advice you require. Finally, remember that diligence will carry you further than genius. Everyone has some diligence; exercise yours and enjoy your success.

neil crombie

Dr Neil Crombie, Associate Head of Department