Accessing AFIS Course Material - Accountancy, Finance and Information Systems - University of Canterbury

Learning Resources for ACIS Courses

An integral part of all ACIS courses are resources that are provided electronically. However, the means for accessing these, LEARN, is much more than an electronic repository of inert materials, it is your virtual learning facility. This facility complements lecture theatre, classroom, library-based and café/pub learning in face-to-face mode, making the whole collaborative learning experience more dynamic, more fun and more rewarding.

When you enrol on a particular ACIS course, you should have automatic access to the LEARN pages for that course. From these pages, you can obtain course materials, get directions to websites and other electronic resources essential to your studies and, in many cases, find more out about what’s going on in the course, work online with other students, contact your teachers, submit assignments and get back comments and grades. Ask your teachers about the extent to which they’ll be using LEARN as a virtual learning facility for particular courses.

You can access LEARN on campus, at home or anywhere in the world from any computer with an internet connection by entering the following web address Use your University-wide IT username to log on, with the required password.