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Community and Public

We always like to think that what the University of Canterbury does in the area of accounting and information systems (ACIS) is for the public good, and so it’s pleasing that you’ve visited this web page.

To find out more about the research and learning that’s associated with the area, as well as the department that’s at the hub of this, please see our About Accounting and Information Systems page.

If there is a particular ACIS person you are trying to contact, please visit our ACIS Staff page or if you want to know who can provide expertise on particular topics, please see Accounting and Finance, or Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Sciences pages.

Public lectures, seminars and other events are frequently organised on accounting and information systems topics. To find out about those coming soon, please visit UC Events site or for papers and presentation materials from those recently conducted, please visit University Community and Public Seminars on Information Systems and Accountancy page.

Should you need assistance with any of the above, or want to get in touch about any other accounting and information systems matters, please contact ACIS through acis@canterbury.ac.nz. Contact with the University of Canterbury about other matters should be directed through University Contacts