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Undergraduate Students

We hope that your undergraduate studies are going well. Depending how far along the path you are towards your bachelor degree, various links from this page can help you to keep going and improve your results. For academic matters specific to courses that you are enrolled in, you are welcome to confer with your teachers. Each will advise you about how and when to do this: if in doubt, raise this with the teacher during or at the end of a class.

In general, as teachers are continually involved in teaching lectures, tutorials, seminars etc, carrying out research in a range of areas vital to designing and presenting your courses, and performing various other community and managerial activities, it is unlikely that they are available in their offices for you just to drop in (i.e. visit without making prior arrangements). Teachers use email, and Learn mail. You can use these means to raise matters and/or to make an appointment. The general form of email addresses is

Teachers are keen to hear of things about your courses that you feel are particularly valuable. They also want to hear directly from you if there are things that you are unhappy about or feel would improve your course and learning experience. A further option for raising things good and bad, and to get matters sorted out are your class representatives.

The UCSA has details about the Class Rep System and a for finding the class reps of any specific course.

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