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Erskine Visitors

Each year the department usually hosts a small number of internationally renowned visitors, often as holders of an Erskine Fellowship, for up to three months. Visitors contribute to the department's seminar series and research. Please direct enquiries to the Head of Department.

Current and past Erskine visitors

Erskine Fellowships

The late John Angus Erskine, an engineer who was a student at Canterbury College in the 1890s, left a most generous benefaction to the University following his death in 1960.

The purpose of the benefaction is to enable teachers at the University of any subject taught in the Faculties of Commerce, Engineering and Science to travel overseas in order to advance their knowledge in their teaching subjects. The fund is also available to bring to Canterbury people considered specialists in their fields to assist with teaching and research within the department.

Visiting Erskine Fellowships may be awarded to persons who speak the English language fluently and who are already advanced in the learning of any subject taught in the Faculties of Commerce, Engineering or Science, for the purpose of giving lectures in such subjects to students of the university. In making awards, preference shall be given to persons residing at the time in the British Commonwealth or the United States of America.

The Department of Accounting and Information Systems is entitled to three Erskine visitors a year for a period of up to 3 months. The department benefits greatly from visiting experts who participate mainly at the graduate level.

Nominated visiting Fellows will receive a grant-in-aid which takes account of a return air fare by the most direct and economical route and a daily allowance towards living expenses. Where appropriate, a second air fare may be offered for a spouse or partner who is accompanying the Visiting Fellow i.e. travelling with the visitor and staying for the full duration of the Fellowship period as specified in the letter of invitation.

Further Information about Erskine Fellowships.