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Accounting and Information Systems courses

There is a wealth of learning available through the nearly 50 courses that teachers based in the Department of Accounting and Information Systems stage each year.. The courses cover accountability, tax, audit, knowledge management, commercial law, sustainability, bookkeeping, financial reporting, information systems, strategy implementation, accounting and much more.

Each course has a code (e.g. ACCT 102 or INFO 123 or ACCT 644) and the alpha characters ACCT and INFO unique to courses run by the department.

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The courses are distinguished by their increasing level of difficulty, from undergraduate 100-level, through undergraduate 200 and 300-levels, and then postgraduate, including honours, masterate and doctorate levels. In each course's code (e.g. ACCT 341), the level is signified by the first numeric character (i.e. ACCT 341 is a 300-level paper). By combining courses in a manner that is consistent with the relevant regulations, you can study towards one of the various qualifications in Accounting and Information Systems. You can see a list of these qualifications by clicking here.

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Undergraduate courses

Each undergraduate and graduate course listed in the links below carries a specified amount of credit towards an undergraduate qualification (e.g. ACCT341 is a 15-point course). For each undergraduate qualification, a total number of points is specified as well as the composition of this total by level (e.g. a Bachelor of Commerce is obtained by accumulating 360 points, including certain minima at 200- and 300- levels).


Information Systems

Graduate courses

300 Level ACIS Diploma Courses

Postgraduate courses

Postgraduate courses may be studied as part of a part-time or full-time qualification, or on their own, perhaps for continuing professional development purposes.

600 Level ACIS Courses

PhD courses