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Advice about ACIS Qualifications and Courses

The UC Business School Student Advisors can help you plan your studies and sort out matters concerning the BCom and other undergraduate qualifications and courses.

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Advice for first-year students

At UC studying for a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) involves choosing a major in a specialist subject area.

The ACIS Department offers BCom students the choice of studying in three areas of specialisation, namely:

To major in one of these, it is important to plan your degree by looking at what 100-level courses you are required to pass in order to move into 200- and 300-level courses in the major that you are interested in studying.

For example, if the major you wish to study requires the course ACCT 312 Advanced Financial Accounting you will need to ensure that you meet the pre-requisite requirements of the course. These mean having to pass ACCT 211 (or an earlier equivalent, such as ACIS211), which in turn means having to pass ACCT 103 (or an earlier equivalent, such as ACIS103), which in turn means having to pass ACCT 102 (or an earlier equivalent, such as ACIS102). So, to be permitted to enrol in ACCT 312 in your third year of full-time studies, you’ll need to have planned and successfully completed these three lower stage courses in you first and second years.

First year courses available in upcoming semesters

ACIS First year courses

It is strongly recommended that students check the Enrolment handbook for a listing of all prerequisites and recommended preparation courses for ensuing years.

Advice about Graduate and Postgraduate Qualifications and Courses

If you are pursuing or contemplating graduate diploma, honours, masters or doctoral study, please click here.

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