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Accounting Institutes

Accounting is a profession. Accountant training includes both academic qualifications and professional qualifications and experience.

As a student, you will be focused on which papers meet the criteria for professional accounting and will have a keen interest in the professional paths you may look to follow.

UC works closely with accounting institutes to ensure you are well prepared and qualified for your career.

The ACIS Department runs Accounting Institute days where accounting institutes introduce students to the respective institutes and run one-on-one advice settings for students looking at professional pathways. We advertise these days through LEARN emails and run ads for them in some of your lectures. Look out for the next Accounting Institute Day.

While the BCom has specific majors in Accounting and Accounting and Taxation, the accreditation pathway may not require a specific Accounting degree. Accounting institutions instead prescribe papers that need to be studied, whether within an Accounting or Accounting and Taxation major, or in any other study.

Professional affiliations

UC has specific accreditation arrangements with three accounting institutes. We realise that each institution has specific features which will appeal to different students and graduates, so encourage you to review all of them. You can even be a student member of each.

Click on the links below to learn more about the institutes we have formal accreditation agreements with.

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